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Feast of Sinkuy en Ollantaytambo


With a name that comes from the crossing of two words, Ollanta (proper name) ytambo (grocery store), alluding to an Inca legend, it can be said that the celebrations are chained throughout December and January from the Misk'a Raymi (an agrarian festivity to celebrate the first harvest of corn) to the traditional Fall of Kings [...]

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Choquequirao Archeological Complex


Choquequirao (from Quechua chuqi, gold, and k'iraw, cradle, ie "golden cradle"), are the ruins of an Inca city located between the foothills of the snowy Salcantay, and under the jurisdiction of the District of Santa Teresa , Province of La Convención, Department of Cusco, south of Peru. The archaeological monuments of Choquequirao are made up [...]

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Inca Trail Machu Picchu – Cusco


  Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is part of the network of Inca roads (Qhapaq Ñan). It is one of the most important trekking routes in South America. In the route there are numerous ravines and water courses of glacial origin. Among the twelve archaeological monuments that can be appreciated include Qoriwachayrachina, Patallaqta, Runkuraqay, Sayacmarca, [...]

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Sacsayhuaman Ceremonial Fortress


  Sacsayhuaman (in Quechua Saqsaywaman, from saqsay, place of satiation, and waman, hawk, that is, "Place where the hawk is satiated") is an Inca "ceremonial fortress" located two kilometers north of the city of Cuzco. It began to build during the government of Pachacútec, in century XV; However, it was Huayna Capac who gave the [...]

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Pisac Inca Site Information


The town of Pisac has an Inca part and a colonial one. Its main square is an entertaining place full of color and with various handmade items for sale. It is known for its astronomical observatory, its Sunday masses, which are celebrated in Quechua and are accompanied by the sound of pututos (corneta of marine [...]

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Mirador De Tres Cruces Sacred Valley


Located in the province of Paucartambo, at 4,000 m.s.n.m. Is the Natural Viewpoint of Tres Cruces where one can appreciate one of the most beautiful sunrises of Peru and why not, of the world. Paucartambo is located 109 kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco. The trip by car takes about 5 hours depending on [...]

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas is located between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Some of the Incas have chosen it as a place of settlement due to its excellent climate, fertile land and the waters of the Vilcanota River (in Quechua, Sacred or marvelous Thing), which upstream in the town of Urubamba changes [...]

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Tour Reserva Nacional de Tambopata 3 Dias / 2 Noches


Puerto Maldonado es una ciudad del sureste del Perú, capital del Departamento de Madre de Dios, situada a orillas del río Madre de Dios, llamado antiguamente Amaru Mayo. Es uno de los principales núcleos comerciales de la Amazonia. Lleva el título oficial de Capital de la Biodiversidad del Perú en mérito a importantes registros [...]

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Parque Nacional del Manu Zona Reservada 06Dias/05Noches


A fin de preservar su enorme diversidad de flora y fauna y áreas prístinas, Manu fue declarado Parque Nacional en 1973, declarada Reserva Mundial de la Biosfera en 1977 e hizo un Sitio de Patrimonio Mundial Natural por la UNESCO en 1987. Cubre un área de 1,5 millones de hectáreas y es una de [...]

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