Social Projects – Pacha Expeditions

PACHA EXPEDITIONS – PERU, travel agency committed to social assistance and to the job opportunities for local people, and thus ensure that tourism benefits all and not only to a social class, the help that PACHA EXPEDITIONS PERU provides, is to communities far from the city of cusco where we do different campaigns for children and adults.

We are a local company established with the purpose of working in our own city and help people providing job opportunities and also provide support to children because it is the future of my country and the world that PACHA EXPEDITIONS PERU organizes activities in communities away from the city of cusco, not in the Sacred Valley of the incas or near Machu Picchu because there are many because there are many companies and individuals who profit with goodwill tourist income for them which is, we work all year round and part of our savings allocated to this aid (Javier Mendoza Zarate, guide and Manager of the company, PACHA EXPEDITIONS PERU to thank you for your confidence in our project)

JUDITH LOVATÓN ABARCA, nurse by profession and with ties in tourism, love and affection for others and children led us to form this project to help homeless children in communities outside of the city of cusco. Providing a moment of joy and assisting them in their school needs so they continue with their studies and may be useful in society and take out later to his country. That is the work we do with some of our money that we save throughout the year working. Friend tourist if you agree we hope a bit yours to be more and help to more people.

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