PACHA EXPEDITIONS. It offers you this wonderful adventure tour Mountain Bike Moray -Maras & Zipline, through fantastic places where the landscape and the views of the mountains are unique, here you will travel the upper part of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, also in this way we will have the opportunity to visit the archeological sites of Moray, Maras Salineras and Chinchero, where our specialized guide will explain the history, traditions and customs in the Andean villages. Currently the area of ​​Maras is considered as one of the most unique and beautiful landscapes of the region of Cusco, cycling through these routes becomes a very special and exciting tour full of adventure.

This tour can also be combined with an adrenaline activity: Zip line, that crosses between the mountains and where you will enjoy to the maximum of this Adventure.





Early in the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel to start your mountain bike adventure tour. Our day begins with the visit to the lagoon of piuray and then we go to the community of Cruzpata, where our staff awaits us with the whole team for this adventure, here our specialized guide will provide all the necessary information on the proper use of the Bicycles, also describe a bit of the route that we will travel, culminating this brief orientation we will begin our route towards Moray (the route does not present difficulties are flat paths and with small descents), the archaeological site of Moray is a unique archaeological site In the region of Cusco, the circular terraces were built in huge natural depressions or hollows on the surface of the soil, where the Incas used for the scientific investigation of agriculture as well as being able to acclimatize their seeds, brought from different regions of the Inca Empire. What is surprising is the average annual temperature difference between the top and bottom of the terraces that reach up to about 15 ° C in the main depression, after this visit we head towards the village of Maras (the tour does not present many difficulties Are flat trails and small descents of natural canyons typical of the area), this town is also famous for its salt mines, better known as the salt mines which are made up of more than 3000 small pools on the mountainside, where the People fill or water the puddles with salt water that sprouts from the mountain during the dry season, irrigation has to be done every 3 days, so that when the water evaporates the salt contained in it slowly solidifies, in order to Produce a salt production every 30 days. At the end of the tour our mobility will pick us up to do the activity of the Zip Line or return to Cusco. Transfer to your hotel.


  • Specialized Tourism Professional Guide
  • High-mountain bike
  • Gloves, helmet, elbows, knee pads.
  • Private transportation from Cusco to Maras.
  • Personalized service on private tour
  • Bottle of water, fruit, chocolate, cookies.
  • Entrance to the Moray and salt mines


  • Tipping
  • Food
  • Extra expenses


  • Backpack with personal items
  • Jacket for rain or poncho (December-April)
  • Mountain shoes
  • Hat or cap to protect the sun
  • Sun blocker (sun protection cream)
  • Camera and spare batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra money (soles) for tips or to buy some souvenirs.